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Felt and Mixed Media Dragon


A 6 week course or 3 day course to create your own unique felt dragon

I'll be runinning the workshop again in the summer term, if there's interest. Having done a couple of sets of workshops, I think 6 evening sessions or 3 day sessions are needed if people want to create a dragon with the same level of detailing as the ones shown and therefore it will cost £120.

If you're interested, for now please drop me, Anna, an email at

Creating the dragon will involve a variety of wet felting and needle felting techniques as well as some mixed media to create his claws. Each week we will cover a different element and skill so you need to be able to do all 6 workshops. You'll learn a lot and create a fantastical creature along the way!

Whilst each week we'll be going through different techniques this is an advanced course so if you're new to needle felting/ haven't done it in a while/have done a kit but it didn't work so well..... then you could really do with doing one of our simpler workshops first: this will allow you to develop your skills and to make good use of your time when making your dragon.

Of course, no-one really knows exactly what a dragon looks like, so you can choose your own colours. The green dragon has lots of detail, I'll give you the skills to do that, but if you want your dragon to have that much detail you'll need to do a bit of homework too!

The dragon workshop is with Anna Roebuck.