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Needle Felt Pets - Dogs

Image of Needle Felt Pets - Dogs


Create your own stylized needle felted pet with Anna

We've had lots of requests for this workshop, from Daschunds to Greyhounds, Maltipoos to Collies ... it's a bit tricky as all breeds are different and all dogs have their own personalities, but call me crazy, I have a plan and I'm up for the challenge!

This felting workshop is an advanced workshop. It is suitable for people with basic experience of needle felting who want to develop their needle felting skills further. You will be clearly guided through the process and different felting techniques, but do please remember it takes time to learn a skill!

The plan will be to create a standing or sitting dog. I will ask you to send me pictures of your dog and prepare for you a bespoke armature, set of fibres and modified instructions that take in to account body shape and size.

Our felting sessions differ from kits in that they enable you to learn the full process of needle felting; how to use your needles properly for different effect, how to create forms and what fibres to use. Our sessions are often very intensive, sometimes they over run, but they're fun, you'll learn lots and you will go away with whatever we've set out to make!

Price includes all materials, your personal pet plan, refreshments and a simple homecooked lunch

Please note that your deposit is non refundable as it covers your personal pet plan!

If all goes well we will do one later in the year for cats!