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Online Wire Poppy Workshop


Wire poppy online workshop
Tuesday 16th June 6.30 - 9pm £30

Learn to create flowers using wire and create a beautiful everlasting bouquet. The workshop is suitable for anyone and is a nice introduction to learning basic metalwork and jewellery making skills.

The workshop will be made up of an online Zoom sessions. You will also have access to a private facebook group where Anna will share videos and tips for perfecting your flowers.

In this flower workshop you will learn to make poppies and poppy seed heads and will be provided with a selection of different wires to develop your designs. All the materials are supplied and a handout to remind you of how to do the basics. We'll all start with a sample flower in soft wire and then there should be time for you to create at least 3 other flowers of your own including a seed head.

You'll be given enough wire to create 5 flowers in total, with a choice of copper, aluminium (silvery colour), rusty steel, red, or black wire. I'll email you to confirm what wires you'd like.

The wire is soft so you don't need tools, however if you have pliers and wire cutters they're always handy.

The workshops is with Anna Roebuck, who began to develop the wire flowers in response to a Remembrance day commission and has since gone on to explore making different types of flowers out of wire.