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Raku Pottery Workshop.


Raku Pottery Workshop
with Andy Mason

After a fantastic couple of workshop we have a new date for Summer!!

Saturday 14th July
9.45 am - 4pm, £45

Raku is a rapid kiln firing method, originating from 16th century Japan; it makes a fascinating one day workshop!

Andy Mason brings expert knowledge to an absorbing activity; a blend of fun, art, alchemy, and dramatic suspense. On the day you will explore the art of creative glazing techniques leading to a 'live' Raku firing of your work.

All equipment and materials are provided. You get 2 pots to glaze and take home; there will be a range of hand thrown pots, bowls, vases and sculptural vessels for you to choose from.

Glaze is applied to the pots before being placed in the Raku kiln. As the kiln temperature reaches 1060 degrees (very hot!) pots are grasped with metal tongs and plunged into combustible material - hay, straw, wood shavings. When cooled the pots are scrubbed free of blackened carbon to reveal a jewel like quality, from muted tones to vibrant and metallic colours.

No prior pottery experience needed.

Evening buffet and fire, from 7pm, £15

As an optional extra you could join us in the evening for a vegetarian buffet inspired by Bonfire night and all things Autumnal. All are welcome to the event, so bring along your friends or partner and join us for a fun evening and share your Raku experience! £15 includes the price of the buffet and a glass of Saki, just £10 if you attended the workshop. Bring along your own drinks for the evening