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Dressmaking Weekender: Using a Commercial pattern and Basic Dressmaking


Over the weekend you will learn how to make your own clothes from cutting out your pattern to all the techniques for sewing together your chosen garment.

The price includes a 1 to 1 follow up session with Bridget so you can recap on anything you've forgotten and/or get support in finishing your garment.

Day 1: Using a commercial pattern:

Saturday 10th March, 10am - 5pm

This is a comprehensive course that will introduce you to the mysteries of using a commercial pattern. Aimed at beginners, you will learn about basic equipment; how to take body measurements; pattern preparation and simple adjustments. We will look at pattern markings and then how to lay on a pattern, with reference to one way patterns; nap fabrics and plaids.

You will then prepare your pattern, lay it on and cut it out. A colourful, informative folder is included in the course price.

Requirements: A pattern; fabric and basic sewing equipment (scissors; pins; tape measure; needles). If you are a beginner to dressmaking, I would recommend a skirt as a good starting point!

Day 2: Basic Dressmaking:
Sunday 11th March, 10am - 5pm

This is a course designed to introduce beginners to dressmaking skills. During the day you will learn how to stay and ease stitch; how to sew and neaten plain seams, French seams and flat seams. We will look at different methods of disposing of fullness and you will learn how to insert semi-concealed and concealed zips. We will go on to machining curves and reducing bulk; under stitching and top stitching. The final exercises will be buttons and buttonholes!

The course price includes a detailed and colourful folder with fabrics; zips and accessories to create samples for all of the above.

Requirements: Sewing machine (with zipper and buttonhole feet); basic sewing equipment.

The Sunday is packed with information! You'll get an in depth understanding of how to sew together your garment and will practise the techniques needed. You'll then go away with all the information you need to finish your project.

1 to 1 Follow up Session with Bridget: date and time to be organised on the day.

Refreshments will be provided, but please bring along a packed lunch on each day.

The workshop is with Bridget Goodhead. Bridget is a retired teacher. For many years she taught Design Technology and for 15 years, also taught nightschool, where the ladies did a variety of needlecrafts from dressmaking to machine knitting, embroidery and macrame (to name a few!)