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Bags2riches jewellery, lighting and artwork is created by Anna the owner of The Making House and is sold in the shop along with other handmade contemporary craft.

Bags2riches was set up with the aim of creating desirable objects from everyday waste, producing contemporary craft pieces from jewellery to lighting to artwork using recycled plastics. By transforming waste in to a covetous product, I intend to challenge people’s concept of value. I also hope that my work will encourage people to consider issues around waste and recycling, in particular I encourage the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto.

I have always been interested in the concepts of recycling and sustainability and this provides the core inspiration for much of my work. I initially began working in recycled and found materials when studying fine art at Edinburgh College of Art (1989 – 1993); in the past I have experimented with a variety of found materials, such as used paper, scrap metal and cans, man-made and natural found objects. My current work is created from recycled plastic bags using innovative techniques that I have developed over the last 11 years. My core focus is how materials can be manipulated in to new forms.

Bags2riches work is now sold in shops and galleries across the country as well as via my own website ( It is in the permanent collections of The British Science museum, The Eden Project, The Centre for Alternative Technology as well as a number of library resources.

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