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Recycled Plastic Lanterns or Bunting Workshop


Recycled plastic lantern workshop.

Thursday 10th November 7 - 9pm, £30

In the Studio and on Teams

Create your own lantern or bunting using recycled plastic bags and polythene.

This is Anna's signature workshop; she's been working in recycled plastics since 2001 and has delivered many workshops and projects using these techniques.

Learn basic plastic fusion techniques allowing you to transform plastic bags into exciting new things; explore the technique and create your own lantern; it's up to you if you want to go festive, but they do make a lovely simple decoration!

You will be working with Anna Roebuck who set up her business Bags2riches in 2001 with the aim of creating desirable objects from everyday waste. Since then, she has become an expert in using waste plastic along with other recycled materials creating contemporary jewellery, lighting and artwork.

All materials will be provided but please collect old plastic carrier bags, bubble wrap, fruit nets and any other polythene to recycle.

If you wish to join us online, you will be provided with links to an additional introductory video, key materials sent out as a pack and then join us at 7pm in the studio via Microsoft Teams. You'll need your own essentials such as scissors, prit stick and an iron. There is an additional £5 postage fee to cover postage and extra resources.


"Today was just brilliant!"...."It was excellent. Anna is a fabulous teacher. The class was such fun....Can't be improved!!"

Anna delivers lots of recycling projects in schools, check out our main website and the 'project' tab or e.mail for more details.