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Wire Chandelier


Create a Wire Chandelier for the garden.

Saturday 27th July, 10 - 5, £75
Saturday 28th September, 10 - 5, £75

Price includes all basic materials, refreshments and a simple homecooked veggy lunch.

Learn various wire forming techniques and create a wonderful chandelier for your garden or as indoor decor for your home. Designed for use with LED T.light candles

You may then want to join us later in the year when we'll be making seasonal garlands and characters to hang on your chandelier.

The workshop is suitable for anyone and is a nice way to learn basic metalwork skills. Please note though, wirework can be tiring on your hands, so do bare this in mind if you have any issues with hand strength. If you're new to wirework, you may want to start with an easier project such as Anna's Wire Poppies or Wire Sunflower workshop before embarking on making your dragonfly.

You’ll get a handout to remind you of how to do the basics as well as suggestions for suppliers so you can make more at home.

The chandelier is designed for use with LED T.light candles, these are not included in the price, but we'll give you a good recommendation for lasting outdoor LED T.lights

About Anna:

The workshop is with Anna Roebuck, who began to develop wire flowers in response to a Remembrance day commission and has since gone on to explore making different types of flowers, bees and now dragonflies out of wire.