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Wire Poppies


Buy a set of 3 poppies in a lovely vintage bottle for £18 including P&P (single flower for £10) or learn how to create your own for £30

Wire poppy workshop
Saturday 5th October 12 - 3pm, £30

Learn to create flowers using wire and create a beautiful everlasting bouquet. Create a selection for a vase; go big and create pieces for the garden or small and make a delicate brooch or two.

The workshop is suitable for anyone and is a nice introduction to learning basic metalwork and jewellery making skills. On this 3 hour flower workshop you will learn to make poppies and poppy seed heads and will be provided with a selection of different wires to develop your designs in. All the materials are supplied and you’ll get a handout to remind you of how to do the basics as well as suggestions for suppliers. We'll all start with a sample flower in soft wire and then there should be time for you to create up to 3 flowers of your own.

If you want to make a large garden poppy its an extra £5 to cover material costs.

The workshops is with Anna Roebuck, who began to develop the wire flowers in response to a Remembrance day commission and has since gone on to explore making different types of flowers out of wire.

This is an ideal workshop for a group booking so gather together a few friends and have a Crafty Get Together, here at The Making House or Anna can come to you. A 2 hour workshop for up to 8 people costs £100 plus transport costs, add extra people at £10 per head up to a maximum of 15. Choose to make either poppies or daisies. For more details e.mail Anna via