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Wire Flowers


Wire Flowers

Thursday 16th March 10am - 2pm

Learn to create a variety of flowers using wire and create a beautiful everlasting bouquet. Create a selection for a vase; go big and create pieces for the garden or small and make a delicate brooch or two.

The workshop is suitable for anyone and is a nice introduction to learning basic metalwork and jewellery making skills. You will learn to make a variety of flowers from poppies and poppy seed heads to daisies and cornflowers and will be provided with a selection of different wires to develop your designs in. All the materials are supplied and you’ll get a handout to remind you of how to do the basics as well as suggestions for suppliers.

The workshops is with Anna Roebuck, who began to develop the wire flowers in response to a Remembrance day commission and has since gone on to explore making different types of flowers out of wire.

This is an ideal workshop for a group booking so gather together a few friends and have a Crafty Get Together, here at The Making House or Anna can come to you. A 2 hour workshop for up to 8 people costs £100 plus transport costs, add extra people at £10 per head up to a maximum of 15. Choose to make either poppies or daisies. For more details e.mail Anna via